Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Please read: a personal appeal from...

Ok, that face looks familiar. As you might know, this annoying banner at the top of every page wasn't the first Wiki's attempt to collect money from it's readers. Was it successful? More successful than the others? Click on that nice infographic from informationisbeautiful.net to find out.

Wikipedia Jimmy appeal. Tags: money. Source: informationisbeautiful.net
50,000 gory, bloody dollars per day? That's just great. Also, if you're interested in other Wiki ads and their success, visit their banner-testing page.


  1. Ive never donated to them. Being a non-profit you must disclose all salaries. He has not done that.

  2. Very good ad campaign then, maybe I need something like that for my blog.

  3. will never donate, ad is too annoying