Monday, February 14, 2011

During your lifetime you will...

This pic from made me smile.
They polled 3000 adults to find out how many times can a normal person repeat one thing.
During your lifetime you will... Tags: human, statistics. Source:
I don't agree with some of that numbers. For example, that information about beans looks exaggerated: nobody eats that much baked beans these days. But, despite of a few mistakes, this infographic is still great, so I'm posting it here.


  1. 90% of the men I know have had more than 6 sexual partners. They interviewed some lazy men.

  2. Yawza ! 10351 Pints of beers... How many trucks of beer for a single man are needed ? ahahah
    That was pretty fun to read.

  3. So wait... For hetero sex, how can the overall averages for partners for men and women be so different? Even if every male screws the same six extremely promiscuous women and all the other women are celibate, it'll AVERAGE to six partners even for both men and women...

  4. Mike Yang, I was wondering the same thing. That might be a mistake. Either this or women are lying about the number of their partners (those manly men just can't lie, right?)

  5. I love these infographics. If you have a huge stash, try posting them more often.

  6. I need to start catching up on my sex then!